Forty Is The New “F” Word

Forty is the new “F” word. This past weekend, I went back to Detroit to celebrate my baby sister’s 40th birthday. Mami, my brother in law and one of my sister’s best friends from  high school- Stacie O. outdid themselves by throwing the best birthday bash ever.Friends and family from far and near came back home to share her special day with her. I don’t go home as often as I should but there was no way that I would miss this moment with one of my favorite people.

My sister is an amazing woman. She’s, currently, in law school and is at the top of her class. She’s beautiful, talented, a wife and mother, a daughter and my very best friend. We have been virtually inseparable until I moved out of state some years ago. I am so proud of you. Our parents were sure to raise us with an unbreakable bond. She is my voice of reason and very much an inspiration to all who meet her.

Forty is fucking awesome!
This pic of us captures exactly who we are. We are both rebels… She’s refined and I’m the hothead. Welcome to forty, Fast Black! My baby sister to the left and me on the right.

Forty is a wonderful age and this is the perfect time to reflect on my life with my sidekick. My sister is a fighter. She came into the world fighting. She was a preemie and my mother was sick when she went into labor with her. She wasn’t breathing and in pure Riley fashion- she decided that February 27, 1976 would be the day that she survived. She was born in our house and with so many things against her- she STILL came in kicking ass and taking names. My baby sister was known as the lil meanie in our family. She had no smiles for folks and a person was lucky to even get a hello. That wasn’t the case for me though. I was and am totally enamored with “Nini”.  I would kiss the skin off of her. Maybe, I bugged her a little bit because she DID slice my eye with a razor blade once. Don’t judge her gangsta! lol We got past it. I was like four so I really think it was an accident. That’s what I tell myself. Yeah…it was an accident. Moving on…

It’s an honor to share my life with her. I don’t have any philosophical or life changing advice to give her- at all. I could’ve written a heart-wrenching thinkpiece about my undying love for my baby sister. I could’ve gotten drunk and emotional thinking of the many adventures that we’ve shared.  We have done so much cool shit because WE are cool. That goes without saying. Instead, I will keep this light.

Here’s to another 40 years of life, love and happiness!


I love you, kid!


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